5 Steps – Windows Vista Virus Removal Instructions

Is your Microsoft Windows pc not working the way it should? Do you think you could have a Virus or something even worse? You might be in need of Windows Vista virus removal instructions. Windows Vista hasn’t been out for too long, maybe about 2 years, however enough people have the operating system where we think its important to know how you should deal with problems when your home computer gets problems like a virus or spyware.

The directions for getting viruses and spyware both removed from your home computer, whether you have a desktop pc or a laptop, are as follows. Don’t forget these directions assume you do have a general understanding of your computer system, and where things are located and how to find common tasks.

1 – Disable System Restore In Control Panel

On the start menu navigate and find the control panel. Then go to backup and restore center. Then click on create a restore point or change settings. The system properties window comes up now. Remove all the check boxes next to the hard drive that has your operating system Windows Vista it is usually the C: drive. Another protection window will come up and click on turn off system restore here.

2- Install AVG Antivirus Software

Before you install AVG antivirus software you will want to make sure you remove any previous antivirus software that you might have on your PC. So go into the control panel then into programs and uninstall any of those programs. Now you need to either download AVG antivirus on the problematic computer, or download it on another computer and save it to a disk (with updates remember). That is if your problem computer cannot connect to the Internet.

Install AVG Antivirus on your computer that is in need of windows vista virus removal, however make sure you remember to update before doing a complete install. If an internet connection is not available then update from the disk you downloaded the program to from the working computer. Once the scan is done a full complete scan, be sure to remove, quarantine, or heal all and any infections. Then remove any warnings also to be safe.

3 – Restart Your Home Computer

Press the restart button on your home computer and now boot up into safe mode. Do that by pressing f8 as the pc is booting up. Like we did before do another scan to ensure every bad virus is removed, this is of the utmost importance so do not over look this.

4 – Re Enable System Restore From Earlier

Hit the start button to go to the control panel and right back into backup and restore center. Create a restore point this time by clicking on the change settings button. Now click on the system properties window. Indicate the hard drive which holds your windows vista installation. We are well on our way to Windows Vista virus removal and getting out computer working the way we need it to.

5 – Enable and use Windows Vista automatic updates

Go into control panel then go into automatic updates. Enable the updates there, and make sure to install critical updates right away and restart your pc as necessary. Then install recommended updates, do not skip this very important step!

Lastly, lets restart your home pc one final time. If you sense that your computer is not in its normal state and running like it should, correctly, find a professional that can help you out. Maybe a friend of yours can help. If everything looks to be OK then make sure the AVG antivirus program is set so that it does daily updates and daily scans automated for future protection. Feel free to return back to read more about Windows Vista virus removal instructions.