Can A Contact Lens Really Get Lost In Your Brain?

Can A Contact Lens Really Get Lost In Your Brain?

Did you lose your contact lens under your upper eyelid? HELP!
If you ever get a contact lens misplaced under your upper lid the first step is to stay relaxed. There is never really a reason to panic. Know that it is not at all dangerous to have a lens under your upper lid, usually it does not even hurt. At best it is a nuisance, nothing more.

Also know that your lids are attached to your eye, so the lens can not get lost behind your eye, in your brain, or up in your forehead. Let me repeat that, a contact lens can never get lost behind your eye and go in to your brain. It is impossible and will never happen.

So how do you get a contact lens out from under your upper lid? There are two basic techniques depending on what style of lens you are wearing.
Removing a Soft Contact Lens From Under Your Upper Lid:
1) Look all the way down towards your nose.
2) Close your eyes.
3) Place one finger over your lid at the inside corner of your eye(near your nose)
4) gently rub in one direction, towards your ear, along the globe of your eye under your brow.
5) Open your eye and notice you have pushed out from under your upper lid.
6) remove the lens.

That’s it, it’s that simple. If the lens did not come out, hold your upper lid out of the way to see if it is still there. If you see it, repeat the previous steps. If you don’t see the lens, take a break. It is highly possible the lens isn’t even there anymore.

Removing a Gas Permeable Contact Lens From Under Your Upper Lid:

1) First, be over a surface where the lens will not get lost if it falls out.

2) Locate the lens by holding your upper lid out of the way and look downward into a mirror. (or have a friend look)

3) Once the lens is located, lift your upper lid entirely over the lens so the entire lens is exposed.

4) Using the margin of your lid (where the lashes grow) gently push on the upper edge of the contact lens.

5) When the proper connection is made, the lens will slide freely and easily.

6) You can slide the lens back over the cornea, or pop it off.

Usually lenses don’t get dislodged unless they are rubbed or very dry. If you find that your lenses consistently move off center, you may consider contacting your eye care provider to verify the fit and type of lens is right for you.

In general, thinner lenses tend to rub off center very easily. People who wear one day disposable lenses are most likely very familiar with fishing around for lost lenses. More substantial, high power, conventional lenses hardly ever get moved under an upper lid.

With all these tips, remember the best defense against a lens going under your upper lid is stop rubbing your eyes.

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