Dominant Eye Contact

Dominant Eye Contact

You convey a tremendous amount of information about yourself when you first make eyes with a woman. In one glance you are telling her: what you think of her; what you think of yourself; what you think of yourself in comparison to her; what your emotional state is; whether or not you are a threat; how confident you are… The list goes on and on. If you want to get girls to see you as a potential mate, you absolutely need to make the right first impression. Good, confident eye contact will go a long way towards getting girls to see you as an attractive, dominant male.

Before we discuss what good contact is on your part, lets go over what her eye contact means to you. If you make eye contact with a girl, and she immediately looks towards the floor before (eventually) looking back at you, you’re in like flint. Approach as soon as logistically feasible. This is submissive eye contact and in our culture, when a woman does this she is usually attracted to you. When a woman looks at you then immediately looks up and then off to the side, she is expressing repulsion.

This is a STRONG indication that you will probably have very little success picking her up. A look off to the side means either she is indifferent to you, hasn’t made up her mind, or she has something on her mind. A good rule of thumb is to interpret everything except for the upward look as a sign of availability. A girl who locks eyes with you may either have emotional issues, or she may be interested. You will have to go with your gut feeling on that one and take other variables into consideration.

OK, now that you know what her eye contact means, we need to go over what your eye contact should be like, and how that can be practiced.

First of all, you do not stare down women like you would an aggressive dog. Your eyes need a quality of softness to them. ‘Creepy’ is not what we are shooting for. A good way to soften up your look is to add the quality that is often referred to as ‘bedroom eyes’. Your eyes should have an extremely relaxed look to them. The way this is done consciously is by relaxing your eyelids so that your upper eyelid drops down. You don’t get girls by squinting at them, so your face is to remain relaxed. This usually takes some practice. I would do so in front of a mirror so you can see how it looks.

Now that you know the look you are trying to convey, you are going to practice it on oncoming pedestrians in the mall or walking down the street. As you see a woman approaching, about 30 feet away, you are to pick one eye and lock eye contact. Soft eyes, relaxed face. Once you pick an eye, do not falter. You are not to switch eyes or look away. You remain looking at her until she looks away. If she doesn’t, and returns eye contact, it is quite alright to say ‘hi’ when she is about 5 feet away. Just remember that this exercise isn’t to get girls to talk, only to teach you proper eye contact.

You will find that your urge to flinch or look away increases dramatically the more attractive the woman is that you are looking at. Force yourself to hang in there and let her be the one to break eye contact first. This little exercise will go a long, long way towards helping you make a good first impression. Specially with attractive members of the opposite sex who are used to men who are too timid to make confident eye contact with them.

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