Dry Penis Skin – 4 Care Steps

Dry Penis Skin – 4 Care Steps

Dry skin on any part of the body is a real pain; it itches, cracks and sometimes even bleeds. On top of all that, it feels unpleasant to the touch. While unwanted anywhere, dry penis skin is of particular concern for men. Cracked, flaky skin on the member inhibits the pleasure of solo stroking and partner play, along with leaving the prize tool susceptible to odors and infections as cracks provide lodging zones for bacteria and odor-causing fluids. There are steps men can take to protect their penile skin; proper penis care can help men keep their intimate skin soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

This type of care is especially crucial during the colder months when skin faces a double assault. The first enemy is cold, dry air, which robs the skin of its moisture. Foe #2 is the artificial heat that pumps through vehicle and home vents. While this heat is necessary for health, safety and daily functioning, it also has a drying effect on skin. There is no more important time for a man to mind his penis skin than the winter. The following tips will help men keep their most sensitive skin healthy.

1) Short, warm showers: Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower in the depths of winter? Sadly, this indulgence takes a toll on the skin as hot water strips natural protective oils from its surface. These oils serve to hold moisture in the skin; therefore, prolonged exposure to hot water primes the skin to lose its hydration. Keep showers short and warm to avoid this.

2) Chill out on the soaps: As with hot water, soap has a tendency to dry the skin out. This is particularly true of harsh soaps, which can actually damage sensitive penile skin. Generally, warm water is sufficient to keep the member clean and odor-free.

If a man insists on using soap in the groin area, he should choose a fragrance-free and very mild product, preferably comprised of all-natural ingredients. Men should note that “all-natural” doesn’t always mean safe for the penis, however; some natural ingredients can cause stinging and irritation when used on sensitive skin. Such ingredients include peppermint and tea tree oil.

3) Use a humidifier: Keeping the air inside one’s home moist can spare the skin from drying out, at least after work and when sleeping. Humidifiers can also help with sinus problems and cracked lips in the winter. People who use a humidifier should monitor humidity levels in their homes and keep their machines clean; otherwise, mold and bacteria problems can occur. Those with asthma and/or allergies should consult a doctor before using a humidifier.

4) Use a high-end moisturizer: Applying a quality lotion or body cream to the whole body after toweling off from the shower is a great idea. This additional layer both provides moisture itself and works with the skin’s natural protective oils to seal in hydration.

Not all lotions and creams, however, should be used on the penile skin. It’s best to go with a product that is specifically designed for the penis. These products often come with additional penis health benefits. Ingredients that the best penis creams should contain include:

– Shea butter – a plant-based moisturizer

– Vitamin E – another natural hydrator

– Vitamin A – its antibacterial properties keep odors at bay

– L-arginine – promotes the production of nitric oxide, which in turn aids in vasodilation. Dilation of the blood vessels is needed to allow the in-rush of blood that facilitates erections.

– Vitamin C – promotes youthful-looking skin and aids in healthy blood flow

– Acetyl L-carnitine – a neuroprotective nutrient that helps maintain penile sensitivity and, therefore, pleasure

Along with the care steps above, use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) will help men maintain supple, soft skin this winter.

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