Felted Zebra Skin Rug VS Non Felted Rugs

Felted Zebra Skin Rug VS Non Felted Rugs

Many people have now entered into the industry of dealing with game products. One of the areas that you will truly enjoy is the zebra skin section. Because buying and selling of African zebra rugs is now legal, many people have found a more pristine and original way of putting some exotic decor into their living rooms. The use of zebra hides can be categorized into two; either the felted skin or the non felted skin.

A felted zebra rug is one that has undergone a process of masking so as to make its skin handy and durable. The hairs of the pelt are interlocked such that it becomes hard for them to come out. A further procedure is undertaken so that the underlying part (the inside of the rug) is made coarser using a felt material. Even though the inside is made tougher, the outside is made softer using oils. On the other hand, a non felted rug is one that has simply undergone the natural drying and no additional work has been done on the rug itself. The rug which is non felted is not treated in any way and the texture as well as the quality is just as it was during harvesting.

Many uses do exist for the felted zebra rugs. You will find that a lot of buyers will want their rugs felted so that they can have more value from their rugs. A felted rug is generally seen as the one that is more likely to last for many more years. Such a rug which has received a certain special treatment is used in a lot more areas than the natural rugs. Among the areas that the felted pelts from the zebra are used are wall rugs, floor rugs, making of items such as bags, wallets, belts, hats and so on.

African zebra rugs are sold according to grades. the grades starts from trophy through to Grade A and all the way to Grade C. depending on the attractiveness and the need to have the rug last for a longer time, the rug can be felted or not. Many people and even industry experts do felt many rugs that come from Grade C and partly Grade B. the reason for this is to enhance their lifespan as well as produce furniture items such as ottomans. There are instances also that felting is used to hide the defects of the rug. It is therefore important to first establish the quality of a felted rug before buying it. Better still insist on buying a non felted pelt and have it felted by your local taxidermist.

The cost of felting is high and in some instances very expensive. Because of the high demand for African zebra rugs and the need to have them last for the longest time possible, many people are demanding that their rugs be felted. Given that the price of a good rug is well above $1000, you will definitely want to make it last for the longest time possible. If on the other hand you want a totally natural skin, then having it not felted is the best way. You will also save on cost.

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