How To Remove Antivirus 8 – Get Rid Of The Antivirus 8 Virus For Good With This Tutorial

How To Remove Antivirus 8 – Get Rid Of The Antivirus 8 Virus For Good With This Tutorial

Antivirus 8 is a new “rogue antivirus” infection which has just been released onto the Internet. This virus has been created to look like a legitimate software program, but actually does nothing to help your PC – only working to steal your personal information and then try to get you to buy the fake upgrade to the virus. If you have this infection, you need to get rid of it in the most reliable & effective way possible – by using the tutorial and tools outlined on this page.

Antivirus 8 is a program which will install onto your computer and then attempt to make it look like it’s scanning for viruses on your PC. It’s known as a “malware” (malicious software) virus, which basically means that it will place a rogue program onto your computer and then use that program to try and get you to do a number of things that will profit the hackers who made it. It will have installed itself onto your PC from the likes of a fake email attachment, rogue download or infected website… and will stop a number of crucial Windows settings & features. To ensure that Antivirus 8 will not cause your computer any more harm than it’s done already, you need to get rid of the virus in the most effective & complete way possible.

This virus will install itself into these folders of your PC:

  • C:\Program Files\AV8\
  • c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\AV8\

If you want to remove Antivirus 8, you basically need to be able to use the various tools and resources that are going to rid the virus from your system for good. The big problem with this infection is that if you don’t remove it correctly from your PC, it has a number of files & settings which are kept in random locations on your PC that it will use to bring itself back. Many people who try and manually delete this virus actually find that it will come back as soon as they restart – bad times.

The way to get rid of Antivirus 8 is to use what’s known as a “malware removal tool” to remvoe all the infectious components the infection has placed onto your PC. Malware removal tools are software programs which will scan through your PC and get rid of all the parts of the virus which will continually try and steal your programs, allowing your computer to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. We’ve found that a program called “XoftSpy” is the best program to get rid of Antivirus 8. XoftSpy is a leading software tool developed by a company in Canada to help fix a number of different infections. You can download XoftSpy from the Internet, install it and then let it get rid of any of the viruses your PC has to ensure your computer will run perfectly again.

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