How to Visualize Clear Skin

How to Visualize Clear Skin

Visualize clear skin. Do this on a daily basis for a limited amount of time and you will begin to attract the things you need to attract into your life that will allow you to have clear skin. You will have more confidence and will begin to make the changes that you need to make with your lifestyle in order to cure your acne naturally.

How exactly do you visualize clear skin?

Sit or lay down comfortably and make sure you are relaxed. Close your eyes and begin to imagine yourself enjoying yourself. See yourself and look at your beautiful, glowing skin.

How will you live your life differently with clear skin? If you will ask out that hot guy or gal out on a date then visualize yourself out to dinner with him or her. Hear you 2 laughing and engaging in a pleasant conversation. Get detailed and imagine up an entire conversation. Smell the food being served and feel the smoothness of your skin and your dates.

If you actually try this and give it a chance it will work. Stress is a major factor in the severity of your acne, so why not visualize clear skin as an effective way to manage your stress? It will naturally encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle and seek more answers to living an acne free life.

My Personal 10 Rules to Visualization

  1. Visualize only once a day
  2. 5 Minutes a day is ideal, even 1-2 minutes works
  3. Always put yourself in the picture
  4. Become as emotional as possible and feel the emotions
  5. Be as detailed as possible
  6. Relax – let your mind wander to whatever it is you are really after
  7. Lay or sit down comfortably. Just make sure you do not fall asleep
  8. Environment you are in should be quiet and peaceful. Nature sounds are fine.
  9. Dedicate an area in your home to visualize in daily when you are home
  10. Visualize today and do it every day for the rest of your life for incredible benefits

You now know everything you need to know about how to visualize acne free skin. It is time that you take action and move forward with this essential secret to clear skin that very few people know about. Visualize daily if you want to be on the correct pathway to clear skin.

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