Know How to Remove Malicious Conficker Virus

Know How to Remove Malicious Conficker Virus

If you are a computer user you must be familiar with viruses or worms. It is computer program that infect your system. Everyday it creates a new copy of itself and ultimately destroys your system. Viruses are transferred from one computer to another by means of infected files through network file system. Most of the times it happens that when you download any new kind of software you invites a dreadful virus along with it. Everyday hackers are generating a new kind of virus and Conficker virus is one of them. This virus is also famous as Downup, Downadup and Kido. It is a wicked network worm which was first detected in November 2008.

Usually such virus enters your system through email file attachments, surfing unauthorized sites and downloading malicious programs. As soon as you open such infected files, it spread to your system without any warning. It is difficult to detect such viruses as no installation wizards or prior warning is displayed on your screen. These viruses utilize the RPC sub-system of Windows operating system and corrupt it. It transmits through removable media or admin shares by hacking the password through dictionary attack.

Symptoms of Conficker Virus attack

  • Your system stops working or locks up
  • Denied access to shared admin
  • Drive becomes inaccessible and automatic deletion of files
  • Inaccessible windows Update service
  • Services such as Windows error reporting, Windows defender, Automatic updates, BITS etc are disabled
  • Congestion in network
  • Account gets locked on network
  • Unable to access security related tools and websites
  • Slow response of domain controller to client request
  • Can’t access antivirus programs like Symantec, Norton, Panda etc

Preventive measures to avoid Conficker virus

It is quite difficult to remove such kinds of worms so it’s better to adopt preventive steps to avoid the entrance of virus into your system. You can avoid such threats using firewall, latest windows update, strong passwords over network so that hackers are unable to hack it, properly scan the attachments, use updated antivirus etc. However, if you have got such kind of virus attack then you can use different kinds of Conficker virus removal softwares available online.

Anti spyware software is one of the software which you can use to get rid of such kind of malicious viruses. It makes your system virus free after successful removal of corrupted files, programs, softwares etc.

Another software which you can use is PC maintenance software. It completely scans the Windows registry entries, detect malware and remove infected files. It enhances the performance of system and optimizes the memory by removing corrupted or junk files. So, in order to delete Conficker virus you can use these effective softwares.

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