The Best BB Cream for Dry Skin

The Best BB Cream for Dry Skin

Pull out all the stops!! People all over have been frustrated with dry skin and don’t know what to do. Where, oh where is the solution? Hold on to your wash cloth, you are about to find out who are the top three companies in the industry that are seeking to help you with this problem. Yes, dry skin is a problem and can make your life absolutely miserable. Get ready to kiss that dry skin issue good-bye.

Top BB Creams for Dry Skin

Not just for hair, guess who is breaking into the skincare line? Garnier announces its BB Cream which is titled Miracle Skin Perfector. This product has many benefits while combining the intense hydration with tinted minerals as well as Vitamin C.

This cream is a combination of hyaluronic acid, lipidur microspheres and glycerin retains water in the skin. It is available in two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Deep.

Next up on the list is a household name… Revlon has been around a long time.

Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream has a Skin Perfector with SPF 30. This product does it all hydrates, smooths, covers, blurs flaws and protects like a sunscreen. Truly, what more could you ask for from a product. This cream comes in three shades so you are not locked into something that doesn’t fit your skin tone.

Olay has its own product to help with dry skin. Olay’s Fresh Effects BB Cream has many moisturizing effects. It has a subtle fragrance that is not overwhelming.
It has two shades which are fair to light and light to medium.

Lancome is also on the round up when it comes to helping with dry skin. Bienfait Teinte’ Beauty Balm is the go to providing skin natural, overall coverage while being the main source of vitamin and anti-oxidant rich hydration for 24 hours giving you moisture instead of that greasy feeling. No one wants that greasy feeling especially on their face. The formula also has SPF 30 to protect your skin.

They really wanted to reach those who needed by offering seven shades to be the source for any complexion out there. Get ready for your skin to have a healthy glow and people may even stop you and ask you what have you done different.

Where can you purchase these BB Creams for Dry Skin?

Options are always the key. Do you want to shop offline or online? For the offline shopper, you can check your local drugstore such as Walgreen’s, Walmart, Rite-Aid or even CVS Pharmacy. You never know they could also be in your local grocery store in the cosmetic aisle.

For the bargain hunter, if these stores are close by here is where you want to do your comparisons. Compare the prices, what they each have to offer, whether or not it seems like it is a regular product or if there is a limited supply.

For the online shopper, one word… Amazon! Isn’t this the site that tends to have everything? Being on Amazon could also allow you to compare prices, shipping cost and how long it will take you to receive it. The difference could be the shipping cost and buying locally.

Get ready to put dry skin to rest!

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