The Meteoric Rise Of Pitch Black Mirrored Contact Lenses Is Not Just Causing A Stir In Hollywood

The Meteoric Rise Of Pitch Black Mirrored Contact Lenses Is Not Just Causing A Stir In Hollywood

Just when you as a parent thought you had seen and heard everything, something more bizarre arrives like the pitch black mirrored contact lenses are now seeing you. The meteoric rise of this new contact lens design have peaked the interest of the young and the weird.

This new type of special effect contact lenses is causing a stir not only in Hollywood but on the streets of Small town USA. We would like some things in Hollywood but these fantastic illusionist creations for the eyes are gaining momentum even in your town. were formed but you see them now on regular everyday folk.

These special effect contact lenses do not help people see better. In fact most people who wear them have no need for any type of corrective lenses. These theatricals or special effect contact lenses are meant just for their effect. There is a prescription required because these lenses are considered medical devices.

You would hope that this requirement would deter your teenager from getting a set of these scarier than real life contact lenses but it will not. Even though children don’t want to wear even contact lenses to correct their eyesight, they will opt to wear the pitch black mirrored contact lenses just for their scare quality. Whether these fantastic eye creations are just a fad, only time will tell. But in the interim thousands of these eye creations are being sold.

The advice of optometrist to parents is not to give in to the whim of the child and consent to an eye examination just to have their teenagers fitted with these theatrical contact lenses. However, thousands of optometrists have written the prescription for non-corrective lenses because an eye examination is also part of the yearly physical.

As a result, teenagers receive the prescription for these darker than life contact lenses. There is not an alternative because non-prescription sales of these pitch black mirrored contact lenses or any of the theatrical type of contact lenses is illegal. This is more dangerous because of the possibility of eyes damage from contact lenses not being properly fitted.

So your teenager has to get a prescription from an eye care professional to look as if they are dead or dying. These professional will properly fit the child for this scary fashion accessory.

Some of the more reputable lens manufacturers produce these theatrical brands of contact lenses for the public. CIBAVision and Crazy Eyes from Coopervision have been contact lenses household names for years. Their brands for the unusual contact lenses are appropriately named Wild Eyes and Crazy Eyes. But it is this new fad that has eyes and ears burning.

The popularity of pitch black mirrored contact lenses are a result of the theatrical makeup used by the Hollywood stars in their scariest movie roles. Vampires, ghost, goblins, is what our children want to emulate.

The same precautions and cleaning requirements must be adhered to as if they were for corrective lenses. These contact lenses must be cleaned and disinfected between each wear. Caution your teenager to not allow anyone else to use their contact lenses. As long as the safety and medical guidelines are followed, there should be no problems except you have to look at them of have them look at you through pitch black mirrored contact lenses.

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