This Juice Has More Than 300% of the Vitamin C You Need Each Day, Science Says

This Juice Has More Than 300% of the Vitamin C You Need Each Day, Science Says

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It’s always fun to discover an easy, new addition to your diet that could deliver big health benefits. That may be the case for a particular kind of fresh fruit juice that a team of scientists have noted is so powerful, they’re working to make it more available to you year-round.

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According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, scientists at the University of Georgia’s Department of Food Science and Technology have been looking into the potential benefits of products made from watermelons and cantaloupe. Specifically, they found that cantaloupe—which is harvested in parts of the Southern United States from May to October—is a fruit that can be incredibly potent for your health.

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Cantaloupe is low in calories (53 per one-cup serving, according to the Mayo Clinic) because it has a higher water content than many other fruits. It also reportedly delivers over 100% of your recommended daily Vitamin A allowance, which can benefit your vision, bone health, and prevention against cancer. Plus, cantaloupes contain a healthy dose of potassium.

But, perhaps the most exciting finding is the effect fresh cantaloupe juice can potentially have on improving your immunity. The AJC reports that cantaloupe juice could be useful in the fight against illness, as a cantaloupe provides 337% of an individual’s recommended daily Vitamin C allowance.

Concentrate that nutrition down to a fresh-pressed juice, and it’s possible you’ve got a pretty sweet weapon.

According to the report, the researchers will use “refrigeration and high-pressure processing methods to make the juice [from cantaloupe and watermelon] as fresh as possible. Using high pressure instead of other conventional methods allows for the fruit to retain its nutritious profile.”

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